Speaker: Professor Jürgen Götz
Queensland Brain Institue
University of Queensland


Title: Translational research: How to deal with the uncertainty of what Alzheimer's disease actually is


Abstract: The troubling FDA approval of the anti-amyloid drug aducanumab illustrates the challenges about defining what Alzheimer’s disease actually is - is it one disease or many, what are the key molecules which need to be targeted, are we dealing with a cellular or a brain network problem and to which extent is preclinical animal research informative? These questions are critical as the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease moves from determining cognitive read-outs to biomarkers. I will begin my presentation with an overview of some of these questions and use them to provide an update of my team’s research which includes pathomechanistic work around tau, the discovery of proteostasis as a fundamental principle of tau immunotherapy, and preclinical and clinical studies using low-intensity ultrasound as a treatment modality for complex diseases of the brain including Alzheimer’s diseases.


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