Professor Yves De Koninck
CERVO Brain Research Centre

Title: "Chloride homeostasis as a dynamic regulator of excitability and synaptic plasticity; from health to disease"


I will discuss how GABAA/glycine-mediated inhibition shapes many aspects of information processing, from segregation of inputs to short and long-term plasticity. Yet, the strength of this form of inhibition depends on intracellular Cl- concentration, which is mainly regulated by the K-Cl-cotransporter KCC2 in the adult central nervous system. We have found a heterogeneity in Cl- homeostasis among neurons, which represents a substrate of metaplasticity as well as determining the level of crosstalk between sensory modalities. I will show that, in turn, the regulator is itself regulated: heterogeneous Cl- homeostasis result from modulation of KCC2 expression and function via both inter- and intra-cellular signaling mechanisms, yielding multiple forms and spatiotemporal scales of plasticit and helps explain several unintuitive aspects of the complex experience of normal and abnormal (pathological) pain, with applications to other brain disorders, including drug dependence and neurodegenerative diseases. 

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