Speaker: Dr Harrison Evans
New York University

Title: Translational control in physiology and neurodegeneration

Abstract: The formation, updating and extinction of long-term memory is dependent upon the highly dynamic and precise control of mRNA translation. We have recently developed a novel in vivo technique which allows for the labeling and visualization of new protein synthesis, in short-time windows, throughout the mouse brain. We have utilized this technique to identify changes in mRNA translation in excitatory and inhibitory neurons, as well as microglia and astrocytes, during various rodent behavioral paradigms. Using this technique, we have also shown that long-term memory-induced de novo protein synthesis is blocked in a mouse model of frontotemporal dementia (FTD) which expresses FTD-mutant human tau. We go on to characterize the effect that FTD-mutant tau has upon protein synthesis and explore a potential interaction between tau and ribosomes in various in vitro models of FTD, including FTD-patient IPSC-derived excitatory neurons. Together, our results hint toward tau having an endogenous role in regulating translation, with this role being perturbed in FTD.


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