Speaker: Professor Darryl Eyles

Queensland Brain Institute

University of Queensland

Please note this seminar has been moved to the AIBN Seminar Room

Title: New experimental models to understand the role of dopamine in the transition from the “prodrome” to schizophrenia

Increased dopamine release restricted within the dorsal striatum is the most robust neurochemical abnormality in schizophrenia and a good marker of treatment response. This knowledge has refocused recent genetic, brain structural and neuroanatomical research to reconsider this hitherto under-explored region in schizophrenia. Contemporary studies indicate the dorsal or “associative” striatum represents the region of greatest volume change, the major loci for glutamatergic abnormalities and the greatest site of differential gene expression in the brains of patients.

Our group have been building models in rats mimicking this selective increase in dorsal striatal dopamine. These models not only reproduce relevant behaviours but behavioural onset maps on to prodromal patterns of disease progression in patients. They are also proving informative for the impact of hyperdopaminergia on this region thus unlocking potential future therapeutic/prophylactic targets.

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