Professor Jennifer Cornish

Centre for Emotional Help (CEH), Macquarie University, Sydney

Title: Understanding Methamphetamine Addiction: Implications for Novel Therapeutics

Abstract: The abuse of “ice” (methamphetamine, “METH”) continues to destroy families, careers and lives of users, with current treatments (pharmacological or psychological) inadequate for curing addiction and the associated mental health disorders that develop with repeated METH abuse (psychoses, depression, anxiety). Our aim, using rodent models, is to discover the neurobiological underpinnings of METH addiction and psychosis to develop effective pharmacotherapies. Some of the most promising pharmacological leads for reducing METH abuse and addiction comes from our work using the neuropeptide oxytocin, or cannabinoids. The data I will describe in this seminar will demonstrate the potential utility of oxytocin or the cannabinoids of cannabidiol, cannabigerol and cannabis resin for the treatment of METH addiction to point to novel therapeutic avenues for treatment discovery.

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