Dr Maureen Hagan
Department if Physiology
Monash University, VIC

Tite: Untangling the mechanisms of neural communication

The brain is made up of networks of areas. Understanding how information is communicated across brain networks to guide behaviour is a key question in systems neuroscience. Neural communication must be dynamic and flexible in order to guide behaviour. Therefore, carefully considered behavioural tasks can allow us to study neural mechanisms of communication across brain areas by giving us a read-out of communication between areas in different tasks. I will show how the temporal patterns of neural activity across areas is modulated by behavioural demands and may be a signature of neural communication. Understanding the structural strategies, the brain uses is also critical. Neural communication across brain areas is organized in a laminar fashion. I will show work we are doing to combine these strategies and establish the marmoset as a model for studying frontal-parietal circuits and the cognitive behaviour it supports.

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