Professor Massimo Hilliard
Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

Title:  "Fusogen-mediated neuron-neuron fusion: impact on neuronal function, connectivity, and behaviour" 


The 100-year old neuron doctrine from Ramón y Cajal states that neurons are individual cells, rejecting the process of cell-cell fusion in the normal development and function of the nervous system.  However, fusogens - specialized molecules essential and sufficient for the fusion of cells - are expressed in the nervous system of different species under conditions of viral infection, stress, or disease.  Despite these findings, whether expression of fusogens in neurons leads to cell-cell fusion, and if so, whether this affects neuronal fate, function, and animal behavior, has not been explored.  Our recent results provide new insights into how fusogens and viral infections affect the nervous system, altering its function and connectivity and causing neuropathology. 




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