Professor Sebastian Jessberger,
Laboratory of Neural Plasticity, Brain Research Institute
University of Zurich, Switzerland

Title: "Molecular and functional properties of hippocampal stem cells"


Neural stem cells generate new neurons throughout life in distinct regions of the mammalian brain. This process, called adult neurogenesis, is critically involved in certain forms of learning and memory. In addition, failing or altered neurogenesis has been associated with a number of neuro-psychiatric diseases such as major depression and cognitive aging. We aim to characterize the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating neural stem cell activity and behavior on a single cell level. We present new approaches to study the cellular principles underlying life-long neurogenesis using imaging-based tools and single cell molecular profiling. Further, we provide evidence for novel molecular mechanisms governing the neurogenic process in the mammalian brain. Thus, the data presented provide new insights into the cellular principles of hippocampal neurogenesis and identify novel mechanisms regulating the behavior of hippocampal stem cells across lifespan. 


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