Professor S. Thomas Carmichael

Department of Neurology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Title: "Smart Mice to Smart Humans: 5 stories from discovery science to clinical trials in stroke recovery"


The brain has limited spontaneous recovery from stroke. The mechanisms of spontaneous recovery in stroke resemble those described in learning and memory, including at the neuropsychological, brain imaging, cellular and molecular levels. We hypothesized that molecular systems that are active in learning and memory may play a role in neuroplasticity during recovery in stroke. further, molecular memory systems may be druggable targets to enhance recovery in stroke. This talk will present data from studies of recovery processes in stroke in tonic GABA signaling, CREB and CCR5 manipulations and in PDE isoform-specific inhibitors. Several biological principles that come from this work that relate to larger concepts of brain injury and repair will be discussed.



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