Professor Justin Marshall
Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland

Title:  “Are Neuroscientists Nero?” 


“Nero fiddles while Rome burns” has become a phrase used to criticise someone who is doing something trivial in the face of an emergency. This talk looks at some of the trivial things we have been doing in the lab recently and unusually does not mention mantis shrimps (stomatopods). Well OK – I mentioned them once but hope I got away with it! As well as highlighting the amazing work of team fish, team cephalopod and team bio-inspired engineering; respectively post-docs Cortesi, de Busserolles, Luerhman, Chung and Powell; I aim to make you more uncomfortable about your immediate future than perhaps you are? Talk interjections will highlight the work of team CoralWatch, our latest adventure to save the world and the reasons for the urgency and call to action that perhaps all of us need to take more seriously. We suggest ways to draw yourself clear of the inertia imposed by the Smuglington Fatpants People and reasons why (all) scientists in particular should be more vocal and active in creating a future that our DNA will be able to inhabit with a normal rate of point mutation or sex-induced scrambling.


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