Professor David Bredt

Johnson and Johnson San Diego R&D Site Leader Global Head Discovery Neuroscience

San Diego, California, United States 

Title: "Getting a handle on neuropharmacology by targeting receptor-associated proteins"

Abstract: Targeted therapy for neuropsychiatric disorders requires selective modulation of dysfunctional neuronal pathways. Receptors relevant to CNS disorders typically have associated proteins discretely expressed in specific neuronal pathways; these accessory proteins provide a new dimension for drug discovery.  Recent studies show that targeting a TARP auxiliary subunit of AMPA receptors selectively modulates neuronal excitability in specific forebrain pathways relevant to epilepsy.  Other medicinally-important ion channels, gated by glutamate, GABA and acetylcholine also have associated proteins, which may be druggable.  This emerging pharmacology of receptor-associated proteins provides a new approach for improving drug efficacy while mitigating side effects.


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