Neuroanatomy Workshop

Fri 15 Mar 2019 9:00am4:00pm


QBI Auditorium

The topic will be “Organisation of the Telencephalon – a Structural Analysis Based on Development and Gene Expression” and will explore the mammalian telencephalon, its developmental and evolutionary origins, including its molecular and anatomical landmarks. It will be based on the brains of rodents and primates, using reference atlases for comparative analyses. The morning session will cover the subpallium (e.g., basal forebrain, septum and striatum), and the afternoon session will review the pallium (e.g., cerebral cortex, hippocampus, amygdala).

QBI will be providing morning and afternoon tea for all attendees, therefore to help catering please register your participation using this linkbefore COB Monday March 11th. This is a free activity, strongly encouraged for everyone working on mammalian brains, and particularly relevant for Hons, MPhil and PhD students. Please encourage your lab members and anyone with potential interest to register and attend.

To aid this activity, a PDF Workbook has been prepared which you’re welcome to print here and bring along to the workshop.

This will be preceded by a Neuroscience Seminar on Thursday 14th at 11am (QBI Auditorium) by Prof. Puelles entitled “An Introduction to the Prosomeric Model”. Everyone attending the Workshop should also attend this seminar, as it will lay out the theoretical framework of how we understand the mammalian brain and how these views have changed in the recent years.