Neurons, synapses & circuits - from function to disease

Understanding how neuronal activity and synaptic function produce and are shaped by behaviour is a fundamental goal of neuroscience. Similarly, improved treatments for mental and neurological disorders will rely on gaining a better appreciation for how the brain coordinates activity across synaptic, circuit and system scales. This short conference brings together academic, industry and clinical leaders to discuss the latest advances in these areas.

    Neurons, synapses & circuits - from function to disease

    Thu 16 Aug 2018 9:00amSat 18 Aug 2018 4:30pm


    1 North Head Scenic Drive. Manly NSW 2095
    Q Station


    Registration costs $200 and includes a buffet dinner on Friday August 17. 


    Abstract submissions

    Abstract submissions are encouraged prior to the deadline of July 15. A small number of abstracts will be selected for oral presentation (15 minutes each).

    Please provide abstracts using the following template and email to

    Download Template

    Speakers include:

    • David Bredt                    Johnson and Johnson
    • Rick Huganir                 Johns Hopkins University
    • Julie Kauer                    Brown University
    • Anatol Kreitzer             University of California, San Francisco
    • Diane Lipscombe        Brown University
    • Rob Malenka                Stanford University
    • Stephen Maren            Texas A&M
    • Chris McBain                NIH
    • Katherine Roche          NIH
    • Bernardo Sabatini        Harvard University
    • Morgan Sheng             Genentech
    • Shengtao Hou              Southern University of Science and Technology
    • Andres Villu Maricq     University of Utah
    • Liping Wang                 Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology


    Q Station has a total of 84 rooms and is 35 minutes from central Sydney. Numerous alternative hotels are located within a 25 minute walk or 10 minute bus ride of the conference venue, near Manly beach.


    The organisers are extremely grateful to the following sponsors: 

    • The International Society for Neurochemistry
    • Janssen
    • The Queensland Brain Institute

    Conference Organisers: Pankaj Sah*, Katherine Roche, David Bredt and Shengtao Hou

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