Crete Workshop on Neural Circuits and Behaviour of Drosophila

A week-long workshop for members of the scientific community to discuss neural circuits and behaviour of drosophila. Each participant will have the opportunity to present to the group.

Crete Workshop on Neural Circuits and Behaviour of Drosophila

Sun 28 May 2023 5:00pmSat 3 Jun 2023 9:00am


Orthodox Academy of Crete, Kolymbari

Drosophila is one of the primary systems for the genetic investigation of neural circuits and behavior. This workshop is a post-pandemic resumption of the gatherings that have been held in Crete every second year since 2015. It will focus on recent technical and conceptual developments in the field, including:

  • genetic methods for identifying and manipulating specific cell types
  • optogenetics
  • electrophysiology
  • EM reconstructions, and
  • automated analysis of behavior. 

All selected applicants will give a talk, and there will be ample opportunities for both formal and informal participant interactions.


  • Eugenia Chiappe, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon
  • Barry Dickson, Queensland Brain Institute, Brisbane
  • Marion Silies, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
  • Nilay Yapici, Cornell University, Ithaca

Accommodation and Costs

Accommodation in shared rooms will be provided at the Orthodox Academy of Crete. No space is available for guests. Participants will be responsible for their own travel and on site costs (full board and lodging). Participants wishing to stay off-site must make their own arrangements.


A shuttle bus will be provided to and from Chania airport. All participants are expected to be present for the duration of the meeting.