Career planning is one of the first steps to success, and the two main components to reach career goals are timing and information/knowledge. The QBI ECR Committee organises Career Development Workshops addressing important topics related to the development of ECRs' careers, with the aim of improving ECRs' knowledge on career planning and opportunities. 

Career Development Workshops are opened to all ECRs at UQ. Check the QBI events page regularly for upcoming workshops.

2017 Workshops

For 2017, we are going to focus on the careers within academia and the different pathways available to ECRs. The proposed workshops are:

Previous workshops

In 2016, we decided to focus on alternative careers outside academia and the industry side for ECRs.

1. Establishing interactions and collaborations with industry
The workshop was aimed to increase the awareness of ECR on how to interact and approach with industry partners. The workshop was popular and attended by 86 ECRs from QBI, UQ and external. The speakers were:

  • Prof Jürgen Götz (QBI), Academy vs Industry research
  • Dr Karen Hussey (GCI), Collaborating with an industry partner
  • Dr Craig Belcher (Uniquest), Safely interacting with industry
  • Roberto Lozada (Medtronic), Medtronic and QBI

2. Expanding your horizons: How your scientific skill set is useful in a wider market job
The second workshop was aimed to address the job opportunities and “alternative” career positions available in industry. The workshop was very popular and attracted 181 ECRs from QBI and UQ. The speakers were:   

  • Hugh Bradlow (Telstra), Bringing research skills to industry
  • Trevor Neuville (Tranzition), identifying your skill set
  • Belinda Ramirez (Medtronic), Networking, a brief how-to guide'