General anaesthetics do more than put you to sleep

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Recent breakthroughs:

2017: Sleep stages in the fly brain!

I think there are some links to QBI-made stories, already attached to my QBI webpage. Also, there will be a story up this week related to 2 papers just out (Tainton Heap et al, Current Biology, and Grabowska et al, PNAS), so you might want to update this to “2020: Sleep stages in the fly brain!” and 2020: Attention in the fly brain ! and just link to that?

2018: A new mechanism for general anaesthesia!

2020: Selective attention in the fly brain!

2020: Flies have an active sleep stage!

  • Electrophysiology in behaving animals
  • 2-photon microscopy in behaving animals
  • Super-resolution microscopy and analysis techniques
  • Behavioural assays assays in freely-walking and tethered flies
  • Sleep behaviour and analysis in Drosophila flies
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