Jude, a former Sydney Swan who suffered more than six major concussions in his career, wants to spread the message to all sportspeople about taking concussion seriously.
Justin, who retired from the Brisbane Lions due to a severe concussion, is speaking on his experience for the first time since announcing his retirement.
Tennis is not usually a sport you'd associate with concussion, but for Casey Dellacqua the injury is all too real.
Olympic gold medallist and Commonwealth Games silver medallist, professional rugby sevens player Charlotte Caslick is grateful that her sport takes concussion seriously.
David, who had a number of concussions during his time as a Wallaby and Reds player, is campaigning about the long-term impacts of concussion and his concerns for players at a grassroots level. 
AFL GWS Giants captain Amanda Farrugia loves the physical game, but knows it's important to protect her brain, for life after football.
A defender for the AFLW Giants, Nicola Barr is used to being fearless. She knows head knocks are a part of the game but feels lucky enough not to have had a serious concussion.  
Sunshine Coast Lightning Captain Geva has seen an increase in the awareness and diagnosis of concussions throughout sport in Australia. She's keen to make a difference.
Former Wallabies player and now assistant coach, Nathan Grey says more awareness around better techniques during play go a long way to help prevent concussions.
In his nine years playing NRL, including three State of Origin series representing Queensland, Martin Lang suffered 10 concussions, some serious enough to knock him unconscious.
Former Brisbane Bronco player Casey McGuire is no stranger to concussions, suffering many during his 14-year sporting career.
An ABC sports reporter and presenter, Catherine Murphy has witnessed first-hand both incidents of concussion and the struggle players face afterwards.
Hockeyroos squad member Jocelyn Bartram has experienced concussion regularly on the hockey field, and believes it shouldn't be taken lightly.
Though he doesn't want to dwell on it, FOX Sports journalist Andrew Swain is concerned that his future health may be affected by past concussions.
Like many athletes, AFLW player Meg Downie isn't afraid to put her body on the line, but she's had a heavy concussion and supports more research to help make players safer.
As the Chief Executive of Brain Injury Australia, Nick Rushworth is raising awareness about brain injury, ranging from concussion in sport to more severe injuries.

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