Jude, a former Sydney Swan who suffered more than six major concussions in his career, wants to spread the message to all sportspeople about taking concussion seriously.
Justin, who retired from the Brisbane Lions due to a severe concussion, is speaking on his experience for the first time since announcing his retirement.
David, who had a number of concussions during his time as a Wallaby and Reds player, is campaigning about the long-term impacts of concussion and his concerns for players at a grassroots level. 
A Hockeyroos squad member with high hopes for Rio, Jocelyn has experienced concussion regularly on the hockey field.
As Australia's top hockey goalkeeper, Andrew Charter is at high risk of concussion. He is passionate about skull and facial protection, and research into concussion.
As General Secretary of the Australian Athletes’ Alliance, Jacob Holmes, a former national basketballer, represents all professional athletes in the quest to better understand and treat concussion.
As an athlete and a lover of sports, Melbourne Vixens player Geva has seen an increase in the awareness and diagnosis of concussions throughout sport in Australia. She is keen to make a difference.
Wallabies and NSW Waratahs player Tatafu Polota-Nau has had his fair share of concussions, and is raising awareness of its effects.
As a former Australian Rules footballer and now CEO of the Rugby League Players Association, educating coaches and players about concussion is a personal and professional passion for Ian Prendergast.
Queensland Firebirds player Gretel Tippett has seen the effects of concussion first hand, and is keen to see research fill in the gaps in knowledge.
Rugby league legend Steve Renouf is passionate about how research can enable sportspeople to keep their brains healthy.
As the Chief Executive of Brain Injury Australia, Nick Rushworth is raising awareness about brain injury, ranging from concussion in sport to more severe injuries.
Rugby Union Players' Association CEO Ross Xenos believes there's a long way to go in breaking the perception that playing on with a head injury is ‘tough’.

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