This inaugural meeting will bring together the C. elegans researchers in Australia, but also reach out to those scientists working with other model organisms to generate a convergence platform for key collaborations and sharing of expertise on the most recent technological advances.  

The meeting will include four sessions:

  • Aging and Degeneration
  • Synapse Formation and Function
  • Sensory Function and Behaviour
  • Mechanisms of Development and Regeneration. 

Keynotes Speakers

Prof. Sreekanth Chalasani (Salk Institute in San Diego)

Prof. Hang Lu (Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta)

This event, predicted to host around 200 participants, has been supported by the Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research (CJCADR), as it matches the core themes of the Centre on understanding the physiological and pathological function of the nervous system. 

Be sure you mark your calendar for the abstract submission deadline of July 31st

Abstract Submission Guidlines- TBA

The conference will begin on Wed Oct 25th at 2pm and will end at 1pm on Fri Oct 27th

Importantly, thanks to the outstanding financial support from the CJCADR and QBI, the registration costs have been absorbed.  You will still have to formally register, but at no cost.  


For all enquiries, please contact the organiser Associate Professor Massimo Hilliard