Researchers are seeking healthy volunteers with no known neurological conditions to participate in a study to investigate brain activity response to various stimuli. This study will be held at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia Campus. 

About the study 

Participants will be required to complete the following two tasks: 

  • An image rating task where you will be asked to rate images (some of which can be confronting, e.g. car crash, war scene, nudity etc) 
  • A gambling task where you will respond to stimuli to win money 

The above two tasks will be completed over two sessions under the following conditions: 

  • EEG (participants will perform both tasks) 
  • MRI (participants perform both tasks and one scan at rest) 

Inclusion Criteria 

  • Male and female 
  • Between ages 30-61
  • Reside within reasonable traveling distance to Brisbane 

Exclusion Criteria

  • Pre-existing mental illness 
  • Claustrophobia 
  • Tattoos older than 20 years may exclude 
  • Cardiac pacemakers, metal plates etc in the body 


Participants will be reimbursed up to $215 on completion of both sessions. Parking can also be arranged. 


If you are interested in participating in this trial, please contact Sara Gottliebsen:
+61 7 334 66353 (Mon, Tue, Thu Fri) or


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