Putting dementia front of mind thanks to a generous gift from goa

21 October 2022

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of our Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research, we’re grateful to have partnered with goa who share our mission to drive awareness and improve lives for people living with dementia.

As part of their Community Partnerships Program, goa have generously donated free digital advertising for this campaign to the value of $250,000.

Keep an eye out this October and November for some new goa billboard advertising featuring some of the Queensland Brain Institute’s (QBI) heroes of dementia research.

“Goa proudly operates our Community Partnerships Program to support not for profit organisations and charities as they serve and improve our community,” said goa CEO and Joint Managing Director, Chris Tyquin.  

“Dementia is the second highest cause of death in the Australian population a breakthrough treatment would make a significant impact for many people in our community.

“We are excited to show our support by highlighting the unique motivations of Professor Jürgen Götz and the research team working for QBI to develop these ground-breaking new treatments.”

Get involved

Memory loss is one of the early signs of dementia which affects over 400,000 Australians.

You too can get involved by sharing a precious memory with us to help raise awareness for dementia and help us in our quest to find treatments.

Upload your photo and an eight-word description. You'll be in the running to be featured on one of our digital billboards in South-East Queensland over the next 6 weeks.

Upload your precious memory now 


goa billboard featuring CJCADR Director Professor Jürgen Götz


CJCADR Director Professor Jürgen Götz at the goa billboard photoshoot

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