Researcher biography

Narelle completed a Bachelor of Arts (double major in psychology), followed by first class Honours in psychology, at the University of Queensland. Her PhD was based at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (now known as QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute), where she merged her interest in psychology with that of behaviour genetics to investigate genetic influences on brain function and cognitive processing. In 2003 she took a post doctoral position with QIMR Berghofer where her work focussed on the genetic analysis of twin data and explored the extent of genetic and environmental influence on multiple behavioural traits, and more recently, brain structure and function. In January 2016 she took up a position as Research Fellow at the Queensland Brain Institute to work with A/Prof Margie Wright and the Imaging Genomics group on a range of imaging genetics projects, including a longitudinal twin study exploring neurodevelopment during early adolescence.