Researcher biography

Katie McMahon is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Advanced Imaging, The University of Queensland. Dr McMahon has significant experiencing sequence programming in both Bruker and Siemens platforms, and is responsible for implementing and maintaining sequences on all 4 whole-body scanners at the University of Queensland. Her research interests are broad and also include language rehabilitation in aphasia, optimising therapeutic outcome in aphasia based on MRI markers of size, position and brain network damage, the neural correlates in normal language and memory function, the study of brain structure and function and genetics, and whiplash in cervical spine. She has been an invited speaker at Siemens Users Meetings and local SMRT Regional Education Seminars. She has been extensively involved in the development of an award winning magnetic resonance technology postgraduate program. In particularly, she has prepared courses on MR artefacts, fast imaging, and diffusion and perfusion imaging. This researcher is also instrumental in the running of short courses on MR physics, as part of the same program. She has national and international collaborative research links that include the Centre for Research in Language Processing and Linguistics; UCLA Laboratory of Neuro-imaging and Brain Mapping ;QIMR; McGill University, Montreal; Royal Children's Hospital, Brisbane; Department of Psychology, University of Sussex; Department of Psychology, UQ; Department of Physiotherapy, UQ; Department of Psychiatry, UQ; ITEE, UQ; School of Psychiatry, University of NSW; Siemens Medical Solutions; Centre for Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology.