Researcher biography

I am an early career researcher with about 6-years post-doctoral experiences. I complete my PhD in 2008 at Graduate University of Chinese Academic Sciences (GUCAS) for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My research to date focuses on cognitive neuroepigenetics using a robust rodent model, with the aim of understanding the molecular underpinnings of fear memory related disorders. After about 1.5 year of non-research working period, I moved to Australia and joined Dr Tim Bredy's lab at Queensland Brain Institute, to start my research career in cognitive neuroscience. In 2014, I moved to University of California, Irvine, as assistant project scienctist, with Dr Bredy. According to family reason, I decided to back to QBI one year later, and helped Dr Bredy manage the lab during the intermittent times throughout the year when Dr Bredy was not physically present at QBI (2015-2016). In 2017, we form a bigger group with Dr Bredy back to QBI as well, and we are looking forward to contribute more to this field.