Researcher biography

Professor André Van Zundert is the Professor and Chair of Anaesthesiology at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He is the Chair of The University of Queensland 'Burns, Trauma, Critical Care and Research Centre'.

Professor André van Zundert is also the Chair of The University of Queensland 'Centre for Excellence & Innovation in Anaesthesia'. His research interest is in airway management, regional anaesthesia and obstetrics, for which he has received international recognition. He has been greatly acknowledged for his contributions to: 1) Pain Relief in Childbirth (the suggested technique is still practiced all over the world in the labour ward); 2) providing safe and effective airway management using videolaryngoscopy and videolaryngeal mask airways; and 3) Pain therapy. He authored three major standard textbooks in anaesthesia.

Honorary Professor at Queensland Brain Institute. About 400 million general anaesthesia procedures are performed annually worldwide. While anaesthesia is extremely safe, it remains largely unknown why recovery can be delayed or problematic in some patients, especially in elderly people and in those with pre-existing neurological decline. Currently, there are no treatments available to counteract or speed up anaesthesia recovery, which still remains an entirely passive process. Our inability to counteract general anaesthesia has serious secondary consequences, such as increased length of hospital stay, and ongoing complications, including postoperative cognitive dysfunction. Professor van Zundert's interest in promoting research in this area prompted collaboration with the van Swinderen Lab at Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) and was facilitated by his joining as an Honorary Professor. Professor van Zundert's research focus at QBI is centred on uncovering anaesthesia reversal agents, targeting pre-and post-synaptic neurotransmission receptors.