Researcher biography

Dr Sathish Periyasamy is a Research Fellow at a Queensland Brain Institute and Senior Scientist at Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research. He is currently building and focusing on Systems/Genomic Medicine and conducting research in the interface of systems genetics and psychiatry. He is involved in studying the mechanisms of (patho-)physiological processes in psychiatric disorders using a unique combination of educational experience coupled with over twenty-five years of computer programming and eleven years of computational biology experience in biomedicine. Over the past 20 years, his experience working in chemical, biological and medical domains has enabled him to focus on the interface of basic and clinical research and contribute to translational research. From 2011 to 2014, he was involved in cancer genetics research at King Abdullah International Medical Research Centre, KSA. As the bioinformatics lead, with interdisciplinary skills and expertise at the interface of computational intelligence, systems biology, and quantitative/psychiatric genetics, He has been contributing to psychiatric genetics research since 2014 in Professor Bryan Mowry's lab.

His current research areas include:

  • Bioinformatics, Systems Biology and Statistical Genetics - Developing and applying GWAS, post-GWAS bioinformatics, cross-population genetic association and systems genetics approaches.
  • Psychiatric Genomics
    • Common and rare variant association studies in schizophrenia using data generated from DNA microarray and whole-exome/whole-genome sequencing technologies.
    • Post-GWAS bioinformatics approaches to characterise risk variants discovered in schizophrenia GWAS.
    • Cross-population genetic association approaches in schizophrenia.
  • Computational Intelligence – Developing conventional and visible deep learning models for biomedicine.
  • Developing genetic resources for Indigenous Oceanic populations