Thank you for your interest in CJCADR ultrasound research.

We have initiated our work in mice, which have a very thin skull. In order to apply our work to human skull we encounter two problems: The first is that the human skull is much larger; the second, has to do with the properties of the cancellous bone of the human skull that blocks the ultrasound waves and causes skull heating. Both issues need to be solved. 

The ultrasound project team is currently focussed on the development of an ultrasound device suitable for the use in people. Our researchers are working with an engineering company to develop equipment for the measurement and analysis of ultrasound waves through thicker skulls.  

It will unfortunately take a few years until the device will be available and clinical trials can be initiated. At this stage we are not maintaining a clinical trial contact list due to the enormous amount of work that is still ahead; likewise, no locations for clinical trials have been determined, either domestically in Australia or internationally.

We encourage patients and their families to maintain contact with their general practitioner or treating specialist who will be first to be informed of clinical trials when they become available.

We realise that time is pressing and it is urgent to find a cure or at least a disease-modifying strategy, we are working hard towards achieving this goal.

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